The World of Guitar has had the caliber of guests which have included Les Paul, Bucky Pizzarelli, Arlen Roth, Jimmy Bruno, The Smithsonian Institution, Bob Benedetto and a whole hosts of world renown guitarists and related professionals. Of the aforementioned, Aerial Acoustics appearance on my show has generated the greatest and most enthusiastic response from a viewing audience comprised of over 400,000. I have received countless phone calls and glowing responses from the viewers wishing to purchase their compact disc and to know more about this duo. Their music, along with their attractive appearance and overall confident manner, made for one of the most entertaining shows to date. With the long list of famous guitarists wishing to be guests on "The World of Guitar", it is most unusual for any former guests be asked to return for a second show. However, due to the overwhelming response generated by Aerial Acoustics, I would not hesitate in any manner to request their presence again on "The World of Guitar".

Bob Miles

Host and Creator, “World of Guitar”